Secure the Bag Academy was Founded and Registered in May 2019 by Ashane McCarthy who at the time discovered his love for FOREX Trading. Ashane who hails from the parish of Manchester and now resides in St. Elizabeth has a deep passion for business and a yearning desire to be a great contributor to not just our local economy but global economy. Growing up in a single parent family helps him to understand the struggles of life and that for one’s standard of living to improve, hard work and dedication is required. He believes to turn your talent into a business is the gateway to financial freedom as your talent was granted to you by the Supreme Being so once you tap into it, the universe aligns different sequence of activities and presents new opportunities for your business to flourish. “Forex Trading is one of my talent an entrepreneur I met a year ago helped me to discover. Once I tapped into it my outlook on life changed, new opportunities presented itself and I am learning more about WHO I AM daily”, stated Ashane. He went on to highlight some of the different avenues being a FOREX Trader and full-time Entrepreneur opened, such as Public Speaking. Secure the Bag Academy is an online institution which teaches students how to trade on the foreign exchange market. During live webinar sessions and dealing with students with various issues who wants to become a Forex Trader for different reasons, Ashane realizes his ability to analyze a situation and provide advice on the path one should take to become successful based on their life situation. Having to market his business on social media, main platform being Instagram his love for great interaction with an audience was discovered and how well he is at Public Speaking.


“My aim for Secure the Bag Academy is to educate millions of students from all nation about the FOREX market and money management”, stated Ashane. He went on to say that a ball of fire has been lit in him to change lives and encourage others to make the best of lives opportunities. Being the caring individual, he is, Ashane is a Board member of the Altruists and Monique Foundation and the Fundraising Manager.

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