Ashane Mccarthy

Young Entrepreneur On The Rise

Ashane Mccarthy

Guided by the popular quote “work hard in silence and let your success make the noise”, from a tender age this quote helped me realize that complacency, laziness and arrogance are not good traits to possess. Hence, once I discovered my passion for business and my yearning desire to help others succeed my Entrepreneurial journey then began.

Hello, My name is Ashane Mccarthy an Entrepreneur and Forex Trader. April 2019 a few months after starting Forex Trading I launched my first official business, Secure The Bag Academy. This is an online Education Platform which teaches how to trade Foreign Currencies on the Foreign Exchange Market. 150+ students have enrolled and over 180+ have opened up Live Accounts. If you ask my students they will tell you that after completing my course and starting live trade their lives changed for the better. This is because I spend a lot of time trading and studying the market so that I can provide my students with the best materials for great results. It is never my intention to just get students so my business can be profitable. My desire is to create winners, change lives, inspire others so they can start their entrepreneurial journey and motivate those who’ve started to continue. I believe the system is designed to keep us in a box. Over the years I’ve noticed that a lot of students pursue entrepreneurial studies but still aren’t business owners. Why is that so? It’s like climbing a breadfuit tree but still can’t pick any! I’m here to break the barriers and show youngsters like myself that those people we view as idols/role models can one day become our rivals/ competitors, that where you’re from isn’t a determinant for success, that age doesn’t hinders you from being your own boss and most of all humility and authenticity are good attributes to possess in order to be successful.

Like many I’ve had my fair share of struggle. I grew up in Manchester with my mother as I’m the only child for her. I watched my mother work assiduously to provide for me. I can remember times when her pocket book got low and she went without necessities just to ensure my needs were met. Though she didn’t have much she was basically the breadwinner for her entire family. She was that family member who kept the family together, who everyone called for help when they needed it and best believe she’d go the extra mile to help them. In January 12,2019 my life changed after watching my mom took her last breath as I held her in my arms. How does one go on after losing their support system and biggest motivation? Just God! I seek him more and developed a connection with him which helps me to understand that my mother’s passing is just a part of the journey. I haven’t gotten over her passing but it has fueled me with a drive I never had and showed me how strong I am. I knew I had to change the game, that subway surf was over and it’s time for Grand Theft, I’m very much aware that my family members are depending on me and I want to continue to assist them.

What keeps me going? My two close friends Monique Mcclean and Bertram Roye who pitch a different business plan to me everyday, the 5+ business ventures that we’re currently working on, the many messages I receive daily telling me how much I inspire them, my family who needs my help and the persons who told me I couldn’t make it.

Advice to young people:

Youths you all can see what is going on in the world now. I hope you’re all taking the many lessons being taught by COVID-19. Even if you’re an employee working towards multiple streams of income, get what we call ‘side hustle’. Most of all, don’t ever quit on yourself! It has been a rocky road to get to where I am, yet still I’m so far from where I want to go.i’m still on my entrepreneurial journey because even when others quit on me, I never quit on myself. I didn’t stop pushing because after lower six my 6th form teacher told me I cannot come back to school because I’m running a business in the school and big man don’t go to school. I didn’t stop because I invested thousands in a business which failed neither did I stop because my mother who’ve been my tower of strength for years died. DON”T YOU DARE QUIT ON YOURSELF! You can never lose with investment and the best investment you can make is in yourself. Get a skill, start a business and let us all help to diversify and stabilize our economy.